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The center is an initiative of the Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship at Wilkes University and reflects the University's commitment to supporting Wilkes-Barre by attracting new business to the downtown and retaining talented individuals to work locally.

Previously located in the Luzerne Bank Building on Public Square, the Allan P. Kirby Enterprise Center (APKEC) is now housed at 10 W. Northampton St. in Suite 2000, one floor above the Small Business Development Center (SBDC). Within the enterprise center, there is a meeting room, a classroom, and six office spaces. Each office has two desk areas to allow for two companies to be housed in the same office space. The culture is meant to provide a professional and supportive environment.  Access to resources and networking with other entrepreneurs and professional advisors will increase overall success. Our Incubator is a member of the Northeastern Ben Franklin Technology Partners network of regional Incubators and Accelerators. 


About the

Enterprise Center 

The positive aspects of the center are incredibly advantageous to fledgling companies.  Training is conducted on subjects such as intellectual property information, social media, and website upkeep. Clients enjoy easy access to resources, such as proximity to mentors, Scholars, and training courses to allow them to succeed and grow. Another beneficial aspect is the incubator is located in a KIZ/KOZ zone. This allows for businesses within the area to receive tax benefits.

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