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A Look Into the Life of Graduate Assistant Breanna Yashkus

By Lindsey Scorey

Breanna Yashkus, Wilkes MBA student and graduate assistant of the Allan P. Kirby Center, gave us an inside look at her academic and career aspirations, as well as what her position and responsibilities entail.

Yashkus pursued her undergraduate degree in business management, graduating from Wilkes University in the Spring 2021.

She wanted to pursue a graduate degree in business to further her knowledge and skills within the world of entrepreneurship and business management. Yashkus noted that she wanted to expand her professional network, as well as seeking better job opportunities.

The Allan P. Kirby Center has a running history of selecting a graduate assistant to help run the operations of the center, as well as organizing and maintaining all client endeavors.

Yashkus was first introduced to the center while taking Executive Director Chuck Pierce’s BA 153 class. She was unsure of pursuing her graduate degree or gaining work experience when she found the best of both worlds in a graduate assistantship while in a master’s program.

“I kind of stumbled upon the position browsing LinkedIn one day and everything just happened to fall into place after that,” said Yashkus. “It wasn’t until I actually started the position that I realized it was a great fit for me and allowed me to gain professional experience while completing my degree.”

Yashkus jumped right into her graduate assistantship at the APKCFEE in the Summer 2021.

In terms of future career aspirations, this was a way for Yashkus to gain managerial experience, as well as study becoming an expert in her field and hopefully reaching an executive position in an organization one day or even owning her own business.

As a graduate assistant, Yashkus covers many areas of business management skills.

“As the GA, my job is to work as manager between the scholars and the staff, as well as helping with problem resolution on challenging client ventures,” said Yashkus.

She acts as a liaison of sorts in many aspects, aiding both scholars and clients as need be.

“My responsibilities include drafting business documents as clients need, building and maintaining relationships with APKC clients both current and future, maintaining a client management system and updating records, managing clients meetings, and planning center events,” noted Yashkus.

When off the clock, Yashkus enjoys spending time with family, friends and her two dogs Bentley and Puff.

Yashkus dedicates her success and gratitude to her family and friends who are always there to support her in her personal and professional endeavors. She also notes her gratitude to the center’s very own Chuck Pierce and Jerry Ephault for their continued support and mentorship.

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