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All Belgium LLC Article: “All Belgium - From Belgium, For America”

By Nick Godfrey

One of the greatest parts about the sports world is the relationships that people make between each other. Specifically, the sport of ice hockey is known to be a whole different level of team bonding and truly getting to know one another. The sport is actually what brought owners of All Belgium LLC, Toon De Schepper and Billy Berry, together.

De Schepper and Berry became close ever since move-in day, right before the Fall 2019 semester. Both always had a dream to become NCAA college hockey players and relocated to get a chance to fulfill their dreams. At the age of 16, De Schepper moved to the United States from Belgium, in order to pursue a hockey career. Ever since this transition, he could rarely make trips back home. When De Schepper would share with others about what home was like, all he could talk about was how delicious the waffles were.

In the United States, they often try to sell their version of the Belgian waffle, creating a false perception of what they truly taste like. To De Schepper, it will never compare. He could never seem to find a waffle that tastes like the waffles from back home. De Schepper figured it was a low supply market that he was ready to jump into without any competitors. The idea of starting a business was pitched to his roommate Berry, and conversations started to heat up.

“Toon came to me with this idea and I immediately had optimistic hopes,” said Berry. “I thought it would be fun and an amazing opportunity to gain entrepreneurial experience. I’m glad I jumped on board early.”

The food truck idea was born years ago, but it was unfortunately put on hold because of COVID-19. The pitch was brought to the Allan P. Kirby Center, and it immediately intrigued the center’s scholars, seeing it as an opportunity to provide their assistance in the areas of business management, social media marketing and graphic design.

After acquiring the materials and resources to start the business, All Belgium launched and started selling their true authentic Belgian waffles on August 2, 2021. Today, the truck drives around the city of Wilkes-Barre to give locals a delicious treat and the real taste of Belgium. The waffle dough, waffle irons, and even the waffle utensils all come from Belgium as well.

When the waffles are made, the dough is infused with pearl sugar cubes, and once it glazes the heat of a waffle iron, the sugar quickly caramelizes around the dough, providing a unique chewy and unforgettable taste.

“The amount of times I have been tricked by tasteless batter waffles. I wouldn’t wish that upon my worst enemy,” said De Schepper. “Our Liège waffles cannot be compared.”

Since their grand opening, the business has been booming. Berry and De Schepper have expanded their variety of products, along with selling merchandise to their dedicated followers.

For more information on All Belgium LLC, visit, or call (608) 518-0692. Follow them on Instagram and like them on Facebook @allbelium for future announcements, events, and promotions!

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