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Instagram Accounts for Young Entrepreneurs to Follow

Hi! My name is Alex, and I am a junior majoring in entrepreneurship and business analytics at Wilkes University. Since I am studying entrepreneurship, it is very important for me to keep up with the latest trends on social media. Social media has revolutionized the way we make connections and communicate on daily basis. Now, social media platforms have advanced and evolved to reflect the ever-changing dynamic of digital platforms. They have even entered the business world. There are endless benefits to using social media for entrepreneurs, including generating business, showcasing products to the right audience, keeping up with the latest news or inventions, networking with professionals, or establishing mentorships.

Recently, I reevaluated and analyzed the best Instagram accounts for young entrepreneurs to follow: Daymond John, Harvard Business Review, and Entrepreneur.

Daymond John is a businessman, author, investor, and motivational speaker. He is best known for his company, FUBU, an apparel company, which stands for “For Us, By Us.” He is also known for his appearance as an investor on the television series Shark Tank. John’s Instagram account is one that I find helpful. Almost all of his posts provide motivation for his followers, including entrepreneurs who are looking for inspiration with their own businesses. Unlike other celebrities, John’s account focuses primarily on professional content rather than his personal life. He provides context for each post, makes videos, and has free resources located on his page. John is noticeably interactive with audience, encouraging comments from Instagram users and taking the time to respond to them. Some of John’s insight includes that starting a business is hard, failing is necessary in order to succeed, and making excuses will hold any entrepreneur back. Another reason to follow John’s page is because of his personality, which is able to uplift the most successful or inexperienced entrepreneurs. John’s posts are thought-provoking, and many of his messages I keep in mind today.

The Harvard Business Review is a magazine, which focuses on business and management. The magazine is published six times a year, and according to the Harvard Business Review website, its mission is to “improve the practice of management in a changing world.” Their Instagram account is appealing to any young entrepreneur. At first glance, the page is clean, has a simple theme, and is not overwhelming. The account shares posts almost everyday, promoting articles about business life that are sure to get entrepreneurs thinking outside of the box. On their Instagram stories, they also post “Management Tips” that provide helpful advice for business leaders. My favorite part about the account is that each post contains steps for growth, identifying priorities, optimization, and combating workplace problems or situations. This account is definitely one to keep up with.

Entrepreneur is a magazine that promotes various “advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide,” as according to their website. Their page is informative and reflects content from their website in their Instagram posts, covering a broad range of industries. Health and wellness, food, environmental, fashion, and music comprise a sampling of the industries explored on their page. Each post highlights a different company or entrepreneur and captures their story. These spotlights focus on the average small business owner to well-known entrepreneurs or celebrities, whose interviews provide insight into creating a successful brand. As a young female entrepreneurship major, I enjoy the spotlights Entrepreneur has on women entrepreneurs, which demonstrates their talents and how they got to where they are today. Finally, the magazine includes tips and tricks for their followers. This is a practical way of interacting with a young entrepreneur who wants to get their feet wet in the professional world.

Daymond John, Harvard Business Review, and Entrepreneur are must-follow accounts for young entrepreneurs, whether they’re looking to start a business, identify their weaknesses, or gain advice from the best entrepreneurs in the country.

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