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Salute to our Scholars

It is that time of year when Kirby Scholars fly from their nest at Wilkes University and begin the next chapter of life. This is truly a bittersweet moment. We are sad to see them go but excited for the accomplishments they will conquer.

To the graduating Scholars,

Thank you. Thank you for embracing experiential learning. Through channeling hard work you have blessed both the Wilkes community and the local community. Thank you for the commitment you have made to foster economic development in North Eastern Pennsylvania. Most of all, thank you for investing in yourself. The Kirby Scholar Program is truly a transformational process, by being a part of this process you have grown into individuals, unique is every way.

Each of you has left a significant impact on each other and the Center as a whole. We celebrate you and all of your APKC memories.

Caroline Rickard

"My favorite part about the APKC is the walking into lots of laughter and smiles! Every day brought new stories and tales from the staff and scholars. I really enjoyed hearing everyone's peak and pits for the week at the Operation Meetings."

Ashley Abbey

"Some of my favorite memories are scavenging through the basement for new office furniture, coming in early to scare Michelle from under the desk, Public Safety crashing the Halloween party & of course Elf on the Shelf."

Amrit Chandhok

"My favorite memories include holiday parties team MAK threw, the black jacket ceremony, and getting to go to the TecBridge Innovation Conference for Smart Machines and Materials."

Sarah Matarella

"My favorite memories include being surrounded by like-minded, creative and intelligent individuals wherever I turned. Filming the virtual tour of the center with Caroline was definitely a highlight. I also enjoyed all of the bonding moments like the Halloween party, drawing Valentine’s cards and enjoying the front porch patio space."

Michelle Lehman

"A few things I will never forget are my very first client, my surprise birthday tea party in the downstairs conference room, lunch and brainstorming on the patio and receiving my Rae of Sunshine award"

Madison Kaminski

"In general my favorite memories are being able to work with and get to know so many other intelligent and cool people everyday. The scholars I worked with the past four years were some of the best people I've met at Wilkes. But more specifically, I would have to say my coffee runs with the COM scholars before work every week. They were a very fun pick-me-up I always looked forward to."

We would also like recognize graduating seniors Ethan Schwartz and Delaney Lukowski.

The Allan P. Kirby Center is always a place to call home, a place to return. Each generation of Scholars will fly into the nest and build upon the beautiful foundation you have created.

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