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Top 5 Reasons Why Students Should Take Advantage of the Incubator

Hours of Operation:

If any of these reasons appeal to you, be sure to take advantage of all the Incubator has to offer. The Incubator is a valuable resource for any college student!

The building is open Monday through Friday from 12 to 5 p.m. Kirby scholars are always present, will welcome you into the building, and are willing to help in any way possible.

When in college, finding a quiet space to study can be difficult. Your dorm room is either too crowded or too noisy. The Farley Library can be jam-packed with students from all disciplines trying to find a study space. The first floor, in particular, is notorious for filling its capacity.

However, Farley Library isn’t the only place students can get work done on campus. Not all individuals are suited to complete assignments in the library, and instead prefer a study room or a classroom environment to be productive. At Wilkes University, the Allan P. Kirby Center affords students the opportunity to use their sub-center site, the Enterprise Center, or as we affectionately call it, “The Incubator.”

The Incubator, one of Wilkes’ hidden gems, is located at 10 W. Northampton Street, Suite 2000. Grab a coffee at Starbucks, and make your way down the street to the glass-windowed building on the corner!

Browse through this list to discover the advantages of visiting the Incubator:

Reason #1: Quiet Workspace

Dorm room walls are paper-thin, and moments of silence are rare. Frankly, sometimes students just need to get out of their rooms. The perfect cure is getting some fresh air, taking a nice walk towards Public Square, and picking a comfortable space in the Incubator to cross tasks off your to-do list.

Workspaces include a conference room, a classroom, a student office, and a lounge area. Upon entrance, students can choose to set up on the couch or spread out in the conference room. All students and professionals respect each other’s workspaces and privacy, allowing them to be productive and efficient during their time at the Incubator.

Students can be found working collaboratively on group projects or creations, or they can be found working by themselves in their favorite nook. Maybe you prefer to be by natural light, have soft background noise, or express ideas visually on whiteboards – each of these work environments are available at the Incubator and tailored to students’ studying habits.

Reason #2: No Distractions

We’ve all been distracted one time or another while trying to study, and we’ve learned how much of a hindrance that can be. As much as we love seeing our friends, running into them at the library can waste an hour that could have been spent productively.

At the Incubator, students are less likely to experience interruptions. You can simply choose a room, close the door, and focus on your studies. Once a door is closed, there is a level of respect between all occupants of the Incubator, as no one will walk in unannounced. This is beneficial for those with social anxiety or those who prefer to work by themselves. You can avoid unwanted interactions and solely focus on your work.

Reason #3: Clean

In addition to the effective work environment, the Incubator is spotless. With the current COVID-19 pandemic, returning to school has proven to be challenging.

Unlike other study areas on campus, the Incubator has a relatively small capacity. Although this may leave you questioning why you’d want to change up your study location, this is actually the exact reason why you should snag a spot! The risk of exposure is reduced, and you can have peace of mind while studying.

You are less likely to run into a large crowd, and you don’t have to worry about multiple people using the same space. Cleaning supplies are on-hand, and workspaces can be easily wiped down before and after your visit.

Reason #4: Fast and Dependable Wi-Fi

Everyone has had the problem of too many people using the same Wi-Fi, causing your Internet to lag and slow down your productivity. Slow Wi-Fi can occur anywhere – on campus or off.

Being in the middle of both campus and off-campus locations, the Incubator provides the perfect solution for all your Wi-Fi needs. Log into the private server, and begin! If you have to take an online quiz or test or be present for an hour-long Zoom class, the Incubator’s dependable Wi-Fi won’t let you down.

Reason #5: Different

Being in the same place for too long gets boring and may cause you to lose concentration. The Incubator’s windows, TVs, and professional clients offer a diverse learning environment.

Escaping the hectic routine of college life is important to get a moment of quiet time. Sometimes we all need a break, different views, and fresh air. The layout of dorm rooms doesn’t always include a window, and it can be difficult to situate yourself in the library if you’re confined to a computer. The Incubator’s layout is interactive and allows students to move around the space comfortably.

Windows provide a look into the downtown city of Wilkes-Barre, where students can refocus their minds. You can hear the subtle noises of people and traffic, which may help trigger a burst of creativity.

The creative environment is only enhanced by the Incubator’s TVs, whiteboards, and conference room. TVs, which usually can be seen as a distraction, have become helpful in the current hybrid learning environment. Students can project their Zoom lectures on the TV for a more realistic classroom feel, while also being able to use their laptops to simultaneously take notes. Student groups can take advantage of the collaborative work environment, having whiteboards to brainstorm ideas, and even using the TV to practice PowerPoint presentations or share ideas in a socially-distanced manner.

A final perk of the Incubator is one that you can’t find anywhere else: Professional client interaction. The Incubator houses both internal and external clients of the Allan P. Kirby Center. Clients include local business professionals and student entrepreneurs, each of whom can share their experiences and enjoy engaging with anyone who walks through the doors of the Incubator. Don’t hesitate to ask for input on a project, class assignment, or business idea, as the clients are more than willing to provide guidance!

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