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How to Market During the COVID-19 for FREE

As we adapt to this new reality, most aspects of our daily life are changing swiftly. One of these changes is the closing of all nonessential businesses until further notice. It is essential, especially for small businesses, to maintain their visibility during COVID-19 to keep relationships with current customers strong.

Here are 3 ways to maintain visibility for FREE:

1. Get Social.

Stay present on social media.

In the past two weeks researchers have recorded an influx of engagement across various platforms:

If you aren’t posting regularly on social media or do not have accounts, now is the perfect time to experiment with social media marketing. Content can be in the form of any type of social media post, blogs, vlogs, videos, animations, illustrations, podcasts, and webinars.

Tips for Creating Content

  • Create content that is appropriate for your audience.

  • Keep the content consumer-centric and relevant. Do not just post anything for the sake of posting.

  • Experiment with new techniques that are quick, cheap and easy. Example: Instagram or Facebook Stories, Twitter Polls, GIFs, etc.

  • Utilize free analytical tools to measure engagement & shift your techniques if they prove to be ineffective

  • Have fun. Be human. Be positive.

2. Explore FREE Offerings

During this time many national and local businesses are offering free services, online training and tools. Utilize this generous offering to gain professional marketing knowledge and material for your small business.

3. Utilize the Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship

The Kirby Scholars in our marketing and communication teams are working full force remotely. To further scholarly experiential learning we are offering FREE marketing services and helpful tools to small businesses in northeastern Pennsylvania during this time!


  • Logo/Branding Development

  • Social Media Webinar Training

  • Social Media Review

  • Social Media Planning/Posts

  • Website Review

  • Website Landing Page Creation

  • Copywriting

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